Most talked about articles in 2023


We selected 6 articles that have generated the most discussion from our issues published in 2023. We are delighted to present these articles to you now. Congratulations are extended to all of the authors showcased in this collection.


1. Simulation of a Pumped Stormwater System and Evaluation of the Solar Potential for Pumping
Hasan Huseyin Coban

2. The Effect of the Kaolinitic Clay and Asphaltenes on the Rheological Properties of Trinidad Lake Asphalt and Trinidad Petroleum Bitumen-Clay Composites
Rean Maharaj

3. Exploring Bipartite Network Approach in Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Hotspot Identification
Chin Ying Liew, Nor Shamira Sabri, Boon Hao Hong, Jane Labadin

4. The Potential of Geothermal Energy Combined with Carbon Capture and Storage in Trinidad and Tobago
Tzar George, David Alexander, Donnie Boodlal, Rean Maharaj

5. Utilization of Geothermal Energy in the Parrylands Field for Electricity Production
Khufrah Lessey, David Alexander, Donnie Boodlal, Rean Maharaj

6. Process Optimization for the Production of Activated Carbon from Waste Coconut Shells in Trinidad & Tobago
Safiyyah N. Wahid, Rean Maharaj, Donnie Boodlal, Jeffrey V. Smith